30 Positive Morning Affirmations To Power The Best You

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Positive affirmations in the morning is a very powerful thing to do. There is something very precious about the start of a new day. Whatever happened yesterday can be put aside and we can take a moment to consider the day ahead of us and affirm just how we want to be in that day. It is our chance to remind ourselves of all our strength and wisdom we have gained through our journey, and how we will use all of that to be the best of ourselves in this day. Take a moment to invest in an affirmation morning ritual to be the best you.

Even making one such affirmation daily will be helpful to you, but here are 30 of them to start your day.

1. No matter what I face today, it will make me stronger.

We must exercise our ability to be strong in both good times and bad times.

2. No matter what I face today, it will make me wiser.

Wisdom comes from experiencing all that life gives us, while our hearts are open to learning from those experiences.

3. I give love, so I deserve love, today and all days.

If you openly give love out, you have fully fullfilled your side of life’s bargain, and you deserve all good things.

4. Although I may face some difficulties, I will enjoy being alive today.

Facing difficulties is part of life and is not enough of a reason to not enjoy the wonder of being alive.

5. I welcome the challenges that may come today, for they will teach me to be strong.

Strength comes from dealing with the challenges we face. Welcome your chance to become stronger.

6. Today I will take important steps to achieving what I love.

Getting to the place where we achieve what we love is a journey. Just keep making steps towards that direction.

7. I will strengthen and support those I love today.

To daily affirm our willingness to be there for those we love is being the best you can.

8. I am a kind and loving person.

Don’t lose site of this truth. It helps guide you through each day.

9. I deserve to be treated well by all around me.

You are a good person living your life to the best you can. You deserve to be treated with the highest respect by all around you.

10. I can and will make today a great day.

Great days don’t just make themselves. Such a focus will make every day better than it would have been without that positive affirmation.

11. Today, I will let my passion for life make a difference.

Passion for life does make a difference. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how important that is so we don’t get in the way of it.

12. I acknowledge that I am valuable to those around me.

It’s important to be aware that others see the value in your existence and the positive things you bring to thier lives.

13. Today I am grateful for my life.

Today and every day, affirm this truth.

14. Today, I choose to react with wisdom and compassion, to those who are struggling.

You have wisdom, you have compassion, and there are those in your life who are struggling. Use your wisdom and compassion to make a difference in thier life.

15. Today, if others stumble, I will treat them with compassion and care.

When others stumble, treat them as you would like to be treated when you stumble.

16. Today, if I stumble, I will treat myself with compassion and care.

It is so important to treat yourself with the same standards you hold to treating others.

17. Today, I will be powerful and influential in a way that supports others.

Power and influence are always best used for the good and support of all in your sphere.

18. Today, my fears will be afraid of my strength and resilience.

Having fears is normal, but you can use your strength and resilience to make them cower away.

19. Today, I will trust my knowledge and wisdom to make the best decisions for myself.

Trust in the wise and knowledgeable you. Through trusting yourself and your abilities, will you be able to navigate decision making that is best for you and yours.

20. I am grateful for the gift of life.

Life is fragile. Be grateful for your chance at it, no matter what.

21. No matter what things I face today, I will focus on taking positive actions that I can control.

There is great power in putting your focus wholly on the positive things that you can do while not getting distracted by the actions of other that you cannot control. Focus on being a powerful agent for positive personal action .

22. I am grateful for today because it is a chance for me to become a better person.

Every day is a new opportunity to becoming a better human.

23. I am grateful for today because it is a chance for me to have and share the joy of life.

The joy of being alive and of being a positive force with that life is so powerful that you have an obligation to share that joy with others.

24. I am grateful for today because it is a chance to fulfill and honor my responsibilities to others.

It is a blessing to be relied apon by others.

25. Today I will focus on the important things with a clear and undistracted mind.

It is positive to affirm that you will bring your best intelligent self to the important things you focus on.

26. Today, my mind will remain calm and clear.

Being calm and clear in thought starts with affirming the importance of it and reminding yourself that you have the ability to be that way.

27. Today, I will let any anxiety roll over me like a wave, while still remaining strong and resilient.

Anxiety can visit us for many reasons, but this does not reflect on who we truly are and our ability to have strenght and resilience in the face of it.

28. I approach this day with calmness and confidence knowing that I have all I need to make it successful.

Calm confidence is a gift to you when you know you have all you need to make the day go well.

29. Today, I am eager to grow wiser, stronger and better.

Always seek out the opportunity to grow and get better in wisdom and strength because these things only come to you from the brave act of seeking them.

30. My gratefulness for this day fills me with peace and calm.

Go and make a great day. Be in the day mindfully and let peace and calm be your companions.

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