7 Powerful Positive Thinking Exercises

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In our recent articles ( Transform Your Life With Words Of Affirmation3 Benefits Of Living Life Affirming), we described the many positive effects and benefits of working with affirmations and good thoughts.

Because of all the commitments we have towards ourselves and others and the standards we are trying to achieve, we easily get stressed, lost and then pushed to limits that are extreme – even unhealthy ones. Our lives become difficult, tangled and inscrutable.

It is not impossible though to train your neurological pathways and build a whole new way of thinking, believing and acting. In fact, it can even be the simplest way to change our whole life. By now, you are probably very excited to get started and imply those powerful strategies to allow us to rewire our brain for positive life changes:

Tip 1: Create a Positive Lifestyle

No matter the difficulties in our daily lives, we can start to embrace a life of positive thinking and beneficial habits! This may take both resilience and the optimum management of time but can be done through affirmations, expressing gratitude, putting inspiration quotes or pictures around you, meditation, exercise or reading uplifting books. Try some of them and find out, which ones help you unwind and enjoy life the most. Remember to keep doing them over and over, therefore creating lasting changes and changing your brain little by little.

Tip 2: Be Aware of Your Self-Talk

There is a continuous stream of thoughts running through your brain every day, every minute; this makes for a hell of a lot self-talk and belief systems! These thoughts can be anything from positive to negative or even neutral. If you start shifting them to being more and more positive, you are eventually becoming an optimist and filled with happiness and success!

What you think, you become. You cannot continuously have negative thoughts and expect a positive life.

Tip 3: Start Visualizing your goals and dreams

The key to really manifesting and realizing your goals, your dreams and ambitions is to visualize them as already being true It is a remarkably simple practice: sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and try to see and feel your goals as being already in your life. Pay attention to what you would see, feel and hear if these aspirations were already completed. This only takes a few minutes each day but will make a huge change! Try applying this first thing when you wake up or after a meditation.

Tip 4: Start To Take Action That Promote Your Goals

When you’ve started to imply the first three tips, there might already be some ways in which you took actions towards your goals. Good for you! Your life is now becoming more and more easy and fulfilling. But as you’ll see, the challenge is in consistent and motivated action. This is true for everyone though and those who actually make their dreams come true follow through! Take action and keep going now.

Tip 5: Find Your Own Purpose

We all know that life is too precious to live it for someone else, this is after all your happiness and fulfillment we are talking about! Your purpose shouldn’t depend on anyone else’s demands or understanding of a good life. The big secret is to find your own meaning and let it reverberate through your entire being. Do you know what you love to do? Could you take steps towards actualizing it?

Tip 6: Change Your Brain Actively

It is very possible to change your brain deliberately by applying the rules of neuroplasticity, which means forming new neural connections and positively changing via your conscious efforts throughout life. No matter how big or small, you can make a willful decision to change just about anything.

For further reading, please check out the following book: Change your brain, change your life.

Tip 7: Anything Is Possible

Mankind already made huge achievements like creating electricity, mass producing or even flying; all through the power of the brain. The only person who have thought that possible in the beginning was the person with the image in their head. The brain is an amazing gift and you also have something wonderful waiting for you! Just maintain an attitude of positivity, create positive energy and your amazing brain will do the rest.

 “I believe in my ability to unlock the way and set myself free.”

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