Controlling Comparison Anxiety

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Hey – I want to wish you an amazing day today. We are in 2021 now and I know a lot of people are hoping that this year gets us back on track emotionally again. I hope for you that 2021 has been a positive start.

It was funny, I actually had some anxiety about the start of this year.

There’s something about the pressure of a fresh start – a clean slate if you will. You just want the year to start off without a hitch. Smooth sailing from here on out…

Oddly, I was so focused on trying to stay positive at the start of this year, it had the reverse effect.

It must have had something to do with another year passing by, and not an ordinary year. No one could call 2020 an ordinary year. but…

I started to think about my age.

Thoughts of where I am in life at my age compared to other people’s accomplishments began to take over.

Have you ever had that kind of comparison anxiety?

It’s not a proud moment.

It happens a lot to many people, though.

You think…

“I always thought I’d have (fill in the aspirational blank)

by this age…”


“Okay, this person is this old and they accomplished

(fill in the blank), so I can easily have x number of years

to accomplish that…”

It’s a comparison anxiety that can be triggered by wherever your focus is directed.

Often this anxiety reveals itself as envy and can compare anything about another person’s life to yours.

It could be marital status, six pack abs, perfect life, financial status or something much more specific. It can be anything.

What happens is, you get so fixated on an outside distraction that you lose your sense of gratitude. And that’s when things get uncomfortable because you drift away from the things that bring you emotional strength.

Here’s what you need to know.

You are on no one’s timeline but your own. That is the best way to be.

You are alive. And you’re learning. There is so much gratitude right there.

We can’t always prevent negative thoughts from entering our mind. That is a reality.

However, “entertaining” those negative thoughts is something that we do have control over. There is also so much gratitude there – that there is something we can do about it.

You don’t have to indulge and dwell in a negative thought.

It may bubble up. But, it will pass.

Everyone is on their own journey and you can’t compare your path with anyone else’s. Honour your own path because it is as special and precious as anyone else’s path.

Please have a wonderful day today.

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