Daily Motivational Quotes: Your Secret To Success

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Daily motivational quotes are considered cliche, as we were programmed to think that life is not perfect. Many of us are taught to settle. How many times have we been told that life isn’t like the movies, or that we can’t have our cake and eat it too?

The sad part is that we are conditioned to settle by well-meaning people, our parents and acquaintances who do not want to see us get hurt in the long run. We are encouraged to do our best yet not expect too much out of life. The truth is that we CAN have our cakes and stuff our mouths with them. All we need to do is change the way we think.

Our Frustrations Bind Us

We all have gone through frustrations in the past. You may have lost the one you love to someone else, or you could have been declined a promotion. You may be up to your armpits in debt.

These emotional factors bind us and make us think we don’t deserve to get what we want. You might think that you do not deserve to be loved by someone you desire because you expect to get rejected again. You may think that you will forever remain in your work position because others are better than you due to your initial rejection.

If you are in debt, you may feel like you will never know the joy of eating at a fancy restaurant or shop for stuff apart from what is in bargain bins.

Negative thoughts will get you nowhere. That mindset will ensure that you never succeed. You might think, ” well, it could be worse.” The truth is that it could be better.

Stop setting yourself up for failure and mediocrity.

Why do you have to settle for average when you could be stellar? They say the sky is the limit. That is thinking small. The whole universe is there, beckoning you to become more than what you are now. You can be more than you imagine.

Success waits for no one. You have to build up your courage to let go of the negativity that binds you and take a leap of faith. Believe that you are so much more than you are right now. You are made for greatness. This is your birthright. We were all made to succeed.

Become What You Were Meant to Be

Sometimes all we need to do is free ourselves from the shackles of blind acceptance. It sounds hard and to be honest; it will be a difficult road ahead because we have been programmed to accept defeat. There is no need to fret. Here are tips that will help you succeed.

1. Think Happy Thoughts

Pixie dust is not required. Start off your day by meditating on your goals. Imagine reaching it.

Feel the elation you expect to experience when you achieve your goal. Daydreaming will cost you nothing and yet it will help you start your day on a positive note (or a positive thought).

Please note that starting your day right can have profound results, especially since you need to change our outlook for this to work.

2. “I Was Made to Conquer”

Hype yourself up. Be your biggest fan. Sometimes we make the mistake of mentally rooting for our competition.

Look back and analyze how you felt during your last defeat. He deserved it more than I did. She looked better. He was here longer. She had more experience.

We tell ourselves these things to console ourselves while we mentally lick our proverbial wounds. Were you made for second place? If you were you wouldn’t be alive.

Think back to your first win. No, it wasn’t your first steps, that Little League home run or the time you crossed the street by yourself.

You were the first sperm to make it to the egg. You are a winner. You were made to conquer before your first heartbeat. You did that on your own.

3. Create A Dream Board

You might think this is reminiscent of high school but seeing your goals and ambitions in print with some useful pictures can keep you on track.

Come up with a plan on how to get what you want, be it that dream job, perfect relationship or wealth.

Outline the steps you need to take to get there and add a few motivational quotes for the times you might feel like giving up.

Put this in a place where you are sure to see it the moment you open your eyes.

You Are Meant For Great Things!

We were all born to win, to achieve greatness and relish in each accomplishment. Humans were meant to break boundaries and conquer the universe. From cavemen who hunted for food and drew on walls, we are now explorers of the universe.

Being a human means that you are hardwired for greatness in your field of choice. You were made to conquer. With the help of a positive attitude and daily motivational quotes, you can unlock the potential that was inside you all along.

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