Depression Is A Disease Of The Brain

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Depression Is A Terrible Disease

Depression is one of the most dreaded diseases, and its causes are still unknown. However, continuing research has recently revealed that depression is not a disease of the mind, but a disease of the brain. A long time ago, there were people who said that it was a disease that was caused by a weak heart and that it was spoiled, but now the people who have that kind of recognition are becoming a minority. There is now a growing recognition and understanding that depression is a noble disease. Now let’s talk about what kind of disease it is.

The Cause Is In The Brain

As mentioned earlier, depression is a disease of the brain. It is said that the secretion of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, which are secreted from the brain, decreases for some reason, resulting in various symptoms. First of all, the most famous thing is that nothing motivates you and you continue to be depressed. This is a typical symptom of depression, and many people understand that depression = being depressed. But that’s just one symptom of depression. In addition, depression is characterized by the development of various symptoms such as a violent personality, inability to think well, and lack of sleep. If you are depressed, you will have trouble falling asleep, wake up two hours earlier than you should, or sleep in small chunks and wake up repeatedly. As a result, no matter how much sleep you get, you will be sleep deprived. This could last for a few days or even months. Also, although it is surprisingly not known, muscle pain is also one of the symptoms of depression. The reason why muscle pain occurs is because of the person’s mental state. If the depression continues and the tension continues, the muscles will always be in a state of power and become stiff. As a result, the muscles are overloaded and sore.

What Is The Cause

The exact cause of why people become depressed is unclear. In many cases, it is common that the secretion of neurotransmitters is inhibited due to hormonal balance and autonomic nervous system disturbance due to stress, and depression develops. Many factors can contribute to depression, including changes and bereavement of a family member or loved one. As an example, it has been confirmed that a person who was very busy due to a change in the work environment developed depression as soon as he overcame the emergency and had time to spare. In this way, stress is not the only cause of depression, there are various other causes. It is also said that serious people are more likely to develop the disease. People with a strong sense of responsibility and perfectionism tend to be more prone to developing the disease, and such people are more likely to suppress their feelings without consulting anyone, so the risk of developing the disease is higher. Therefore, if you have recently felt tired, sleepy, or have no motivation to do anything, go to a psychiatrist and consult. Depression gets worse as the symptoms get worse, but if you can still act on your own, you can improve early.

Things you can do to improve things:

Get enough sleep. Check out our post about the importance of sleep when you are suffering from depression

Get enough exercise. Check out this article on how to approach exercise when you are suffering from depression.

Counseling can also have very significant benefits when you are dealing with depression. This post discusses this aspect.

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