Exercise Improves Depression

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Exercise Effectiveness

To improve and prevent depression, it is important to review lifestyle habits, and sleep and exercise are particularly effective in preventing depression. And there is a deep connection between exercise and sleep, and doing exercise properly will also have a positive effect on sleep. Exercising can help bring oxygen to your brain and improve blood flow to your brain. And exercise can stimulate the secretion of serotonin and dopamine. Serotonin and dopamine also have the effect of bringing about a feeling of euphoria, and they are strongly effective in improving the symptoms of depression. And when you exercise, your body naturally gets tired. This will also improve sleep induction and help you fall asleep better. Of course, you may not feel the effect in a day or two, but if you continue this for a month, the effect will be visible. Experiments have actually been conducted to relieve depression with exercise, and it has been confirmed that exercise improves symptoms. And by exercising, you can build up your physical strength and retrain your body, which has been weakened by depression, so it will be easier for you to return to society smoothly.

Exercise Tips

If you want to improve depression with exercise, here are some points. First and foremost, never do hard exercise. Hard exercise gives you a sense of satisfaction after it’s over, but it’s very difficult to keep doing it every day, and unless you’re really training regularly, you’ll definitely get sick of it and quit halfway through. This is common whether you have depression or not. The important thing is to keep going, so let’s start by building a habit. Therefore, at first, stop exercising while you still have time to spare, and leave enough physical strength. And if you gradually increase the amount of exercise, your body will gradually get used to it, and your symptoms will improve. Also, it is effective to exercise in the sun around noon instead of doing it in the middle of the night. Exposure to sunlight facilitates the secretion of serotonin, which helps alleviate serotonin deficiency, which is the cause of depression. In addition, a hormone called melatonin is also secreted, and the lack of melatonin, which is the cause of lack of sleep, can be resolved. Therefore, taking a short walk in the sunshine for about an hour, and then going home and lying down for a while can be very effective in improving depression.

Don’t Force Too Much Exercise

If someone close to you is depressed, it can be helpful to invite them out for a light walk. However, you should never force your dog out for a walk, as it can make things worse. Depression has three stages: worsening symptoms, recovery, and prevention of recovery. At this time, if the symptoms are worsening, it will only lead to unfavorable results, so be careful. Talk to a psychosomatic medicine teacher or urge him lightly, but if you’re not enthusiastic, don’t do it. As mentioned above, correcting it will cause symptoms to worsen, so wait until you start voluntarily.

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