Growing Or Dying – No Middle Ground

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Hopefully, you’ve been busy, chasing goals, improving your life little by little and learning more and more every day in order to become the kind of person you aspire to be.

Spring is here. It’s a time of renewal and a wonderful reminder that nature and life are never at a standstill.

Life may reach homeostasis but it is never stationary.

Everything is either GROWING or DYING. There really is no middle ground.

The same applies to all of us humans walking the walk – you and me.

And so the responsibility falls on our shoulders as to which path we will take in any given moment.

Will you decide to take an active role and grow? Or will you remain passive and allow life to consume you?

The truth is, much of life is completely out of our control but the one thing we do have control over is the monologue we persist in our own minds. That monologue dictates our level of awareness.

It’s the constant voice that reinforces what is important to you and where your attention should be focused.

Some people ignore that voice because it’s just to hard to follow its advice.

It’s too hard to workout every day.

It’s too hard to eat a balanced, clean diet.

It’s too hard to stay focused and read that book.

It’s too hard to control your emotions.

It’s too hard to wake up early.

It’s too hard to assert yourself.

It’s too hard to fight off the RESISTANCE in your mind.

Overcoming that resistance requires discipline and fortunately for all of us, discipline can be conditioned into us with practice.

Whatever goal you have in mind, don’t give up on yourself – EVER!

Keep hammering. Keep pushing. We’re with you in spirit and cheering for you all the way!

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