How To Correctly Burn Your Candles And Make Them Last Longer

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Burning candles is as easy as well – lighting a candle.

If you’ve found that you’re not getting the lifespan and burn time of your candles as you’d expected, then take our simple tips in mind whenever you light your candles. They’re simple – easy and most of all, take little to no time.

Here are our 7 tips to help you make candles last longer.

1. Keep The Maximum Burn Time To 3-4 Hours

Keep each burn session to around 3-4 hours at a time. This lets the candle settle and reduces the temperature of the wax thus eliminating wastage of wax. A standard home should only take 2 hours to completely fill with a scent that lasts for another 3 – 4 hours depending on the airflow of your home.

2. Trim Your Wicks To Maintain Size Of Flame

The height of your wick will determine how large the visible flame will be. This is why it’s important to trim your wicks to be just shy of 1 centimeter and ideally 7 millimeters. This will give you a flame height that’s sufficient to manage, and reduces debris falling onto the surface of the candle wax. The shorter the wick, the slower the burn so keep those wicks trimmed.

We have a wick trimmer available in our store that you can buy online.

3. Burn Your Candles Evenly

It’s always a tricky problem when your candles don’t burn evenly. This is due to unlevel wicks or simply flames that burn too high that melts the wax unevenly. To manage this, simply take a lighter and slowly melt the candle wax at the edge of the glass until it turns to liquid. Slowly turn the candle, until the liquid starts to set. Make sure your candle is on a flat surface when resetting and while it’s burning to make sure the wax is level. This is known as a leveling technique.

4. Keep Away From Draughts

You’ll know if the candle has been exposed to dry conditions when the burn starts to smoke and a burning smell dilutes the fragrant scent. Always store your candles with the lid to prevent the soy wax from drying out. This will give you a greater burn duration and maintain the lifespan of the candle as it was intended.

5. Keep The Candles Clear Of Dust and Debris

Keeping the lid on your candles will not only help it’s lifespan against dry conditions, but it will also prevent any free particles such as dust from covering the surface of your soy wax. Debris is common when wicks aren’t trimmed, so always keep snip your wicks to keep it debris free. If there is the presence of dust and debris on the surface of your candle – use a toothbrush to flick them down whilst holding the candle parallel to a flat surface.

6. Let Your First Burn Last For At Least 1 Hour

Your first burn also sets the memory if the candle similarly to how each burn flattens the soy wax. The size of the wax pool (the liquified wax) during the first burn also determines the lifespan of the candle. The burns thereafter, won’t melt the wax past that first wax pool so if it doesn’t melt close enough to the edge, you’ll start to have that hollowed-out center near the wick.

To fix this, follow our tip for burning the candle evenly and correct it with a leveling technique. Letting your first burn last approximately 1 hour will melt enough of the surface to let the candle burn from the center to the edges evenly. This is also known as “setting the memory” of the candle.

7. Shop For Candles With The Best Container

Container size is important to consider especially with smaller candles. Ideally, candles should be approximately 15 centimeters in diameter for every 1cm of wick that’s actively burning. Candles with a smaller opening will prevent airflow and reduce the spread of the fragrance in a home, so it’s important to shop for candles with a larger opening at the top.

Now that you have all of our quick tips, your candles will last the complete cycle of their lifespan. See our complete range of soy wax candles available for purchase in our online store.

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