Positive Thinking To Overcome Negative Thoughts

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Many people face problems with regards to self-worth and self-esteem. Studies have shown that the mind has contributed a lot to how people perceive themselves – whether positively or negatively.

Are you one of the many who struggles with negative thoughts? Do you frequently have doubts or face disappointments and are left with thoughts echoing at the forefront, reminding you that you are a failure? Without a doubt, we all have.

With positive thinking books, however, many have broken the chains and shackles that seemed unbreakable and have stimulated their minds to produce healthy thought patterns.

Here are some of the most common themes shared across positive thinking, reading material (and other books) on the web:

Dismiss Negative Thoughts with Positive Thinking

By harboring negative thoughts, you will ultimately regress in depression. This will literally leave you hopeless and in desperation.

However, if you learn the art of dismissing negative thoughts or clouding them out with new and positive ones, you will attain success instead of cherishing the concept of failing at everything.

According to the concept of the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like”. And this means that if you position your mind in such a way that you have already attained success, you will without a doubt achieve it.

Since positive thoughts are doorways and portals to positive outcomes, positive thinking is imminent to your success. By implementing ways or tips in thinking positively, in effect overcoming negative thoughts, you will be successful.

Tips on Overcoming Negative Thoughts

I. Shun Negative Self-Talk

One of the many ways we tear ourselves down is through negative self-talk.

It is when we are alone, in our thoughts, we rationalize and cast our own judgments.

If you regularly find yourself negatively self-talking, take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and recognize the harm or potential harm you might self-inflict.

A great measure to take in shunning self-talk is to boost or motivate yourself whenever you fail at a task. Speak to yourself and highlight how capable and competent you are.

Remember, you are the pilot of your own life, and inevitably, you control your reactions. If you make way for negative self-talk, you can be likened to a puppet on a string, who is solely controlled by a puppet master — negativity!

Instead, find ways to incorporate statements of affirmation into your daily routine. They’ll encourage your mind to take a more optimistic approach in everything you do.

II. Maintain a Broad Smile

Evidence of self-worth is shown on the countenance.

While you might be going through self-doubt and is bombarded with negative thoughts, people on the outside do not need to know about it, unless you desire them to.

Try to maintain a smile. With a smile, your face becomes light and you will feel some relief, as if some burden has departed. Additionally, humor and a broad smile go a long way.

Instead of associating with pessimistic and gloomy people, get friends who will cheer you up and lift your spirit. Since we are like sponges, we tend to soak up our environment, even when we don’t want to.

It is for this pertinent reason why you need to choose your friends wisely. Choose friends who will have you cracking up with laughter all day long!

Remember, “When you lie down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas“.

Furthermore, if you fail at maybe securing a job or wooing a potential partner, recognize the humor in the situation instead of concluding that ‘you’re just not good enough or maybe you will never attain anything good in life’.

These are all wrong and harmful attitudes to have toward what seems to be a failure. Think positively and say, ‘I will try again!’

III. Speak With People Who Have Conquered Negativity

We ultimately learn from the experiences of others.

If you have difficulties applying tips on your own, why not contact and speak with someone who has conquered negative thinking? This will provide you with the ruthless determination and boost that is needed to conquer negativity.

Additionally, you will receive assistance in locating material and resources, like books, that will prove useful in getting over your state of pessimism. With practical advice and steps, you will be able to conquer negativity.

IV. Develop Persistency and Endurance: Never Give Up

If you should observe an infant while initially trying to walk, what will you see? Will you see persistency and endurance? Yes you will!

Like a child learning to walk, you need to learn to think positively, even if it means learning through positive thinking books.

If at first you try but then fail, like a baby, get up and try again.

After several attempts, a baby will master the art of walking. Similarly, with several attempts at learning to think positively, whether in your new job, school or other pursuits, you will succeed.

In fact, according to Winston Churchill, a leader of Britain in most of World War 2, “success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue on that truly counts”.

Whatever particular situation that you find yourself in, a positive mindset and relentless optimism will be your guide to success. Think positively and throw negative thinking away for the wasteful pastime that it is.

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