Positive Words Of Affirmation: Working Your Way To A Better Life

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Whether you keep it to yourself or say it out loud, every thought you have and every utterance you make is an affirmation.

Humans subconsciously affirm with thoughts and words, and these make up beliefs which are the very same elements that affect life’s experiences. Beliefs are thought patterns learnt from childhood through to adulthood and while some of them may contribute positively to your life, others may only make you unproductive.

Thus, if you only want to bring out the positivity and hopefulness you developed as a child, you have to focus on productive words of affirmation.

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are like magic; they can change things in your life for the better, or bring everything to a resounding halt.

As you go through the different stages of life, you make statements that express your desires in life and how you would want things to be.

The truth about these statements is that as you use them, your life continues to resemble them.

If you often repeat negative words, and focus on the dark side of life, you will believe in it…

… and this will ultimately cause you problems.

This explains why some people find themselves continuously depressed while others have a destructively low self esteem.

On the flip side, successful and rich people strive to maintain certain positive thoughts, and this is what makes them who they are. Simply put, just like negative words can impact your life in a bad way, positive ones can add happiness and success. The power to take your life in the direction you want lies within you; your well being and your affirmations are connected.

This concept is based the foundation of the law of attraction and has been scientifically proven.

So, before you look for support from others in building yourself, you have to be the first to give yourself that support. If you have been trying out something and things don’t seem to go your way, you cannot afford to retain negative affirmations in your mind; you have to concentrate on constructive thoughts to get where you want.

Looking Past Self Defeating Affirmations

Habits are acquired over time, and this means that they cannot be done away with in an instant. If you have been drowning in self pity and thinking negatively throughout your life therefore, you have to begin by breaking this habit.

To do this, you first need to change your attitude.

From here, you can then work hard and commit yourself to the course so that you are able to replace your destructive thinking with helpful affirmations.

Remember, your chances of success lie in your hands; so, when you lose, it is only because you have stopped yourself from winning, and not because you are destined for failure.

You may hold beliefs that may arise from what you may have been told as a child or what you may have heard from a parent, a spouse or a colleague at work. This is only natural and most people experience this mindset.

However, some of these beliefs may not be true and they may only hold you back from achieving your ambitions. Hence, you need to question their accuracy and then aim to replace them with positive ones since this is what will help you take a step in the right direction.

With positive words of affirmation, you will appreciate yourself more, treat yourself right, and take every chance to change the things that make you unhappy.

How Affirmations Can Help Change Your Life

Affirmations work and the higher your determination to change your situation, the better things will turn out. When you choose to focus on positive affirmations, you steer your subconscious towards acceptance and put yourself in a good position to deal better with challenges that may come along the way.

This contributes to a more positive reaction as well since there will be lesser inner resistance, and when done over time, the affirmations will start to take effect in your life. Your subconscious will re-examine your beliefs including anything that may have been dysfunctional, and you will be relieved from your past.

This journey may however not be as straightforward as it may appear; getting help and support from those you trust can go a long way into helping you go through a more successful transformation.

Regardless of the issues you may be facing in your life, words of affirmation can help you. They can make you reprogram your mind and get rid of thoughts that may be sabotaging your accomplishment. Whether you want to lose weight, get healthier, have a successful career or simply find love, it all boils down to a positive mindset.

You can adopt any approach you deem fit to make these positive thoughts stick in your mind. State them passionately in front of the mirror, write them over and over or even sing and chant them because what matters most is to have the words of affirmation imprinted in your mind.

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