Relief With Counseling

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Various Treatment Methods

The most common treatments for depression are drug therapy and counseling. There are other forms of therapy, such as animal therapy, where you spend time with animals, but this is not yet widespread in Japan. is. Medication therapy is the treatment of depression by taking antidepressants. There are many types of antidepressants, such as those that amplify low desire and induce sleep, and those that resolve serotonin deficiency, which is the cause of depression. However, antidepressants with strong effects have strong side effects, so they cannot be taken casually. While the symptoms are strong, the drug must be taken, but as the symptoms subside, the dose should be reduced. Also, if you are depressed, you may become skeptical about taking medicine and stop taking it because it is ineffective. However, try to stick to the recommended dosage as much as possible.

Improve With Conversation

Counseling is one of the most effective treatments for depression. This is because having a conversation and making them look at their own situation objectively has the effect of knowing the cause of their troubles and solving them. Therefore, counseling is not impossible not only for clinical internal medicine but also for family members if they feel like it. However, having a family member or friend offer counseling can be risky. It happens when there is a lack of understanding of depression. Depression is very different from a normal mental state. Therefore, if you treat it in the same way as usual, it may not only be ineffective, but the symptoms may worsen. And the worst case is contagious. Depression is contagious. The reason for this is that being with a depressed person leads to continued negative conversations, which in turn propagates negative moods, which can lead to the onset of depression. Therefore, consult a psychosomatic medicine doctor frequently and do a self-check to see if you are okay.

Beware of Taboos

There are a few things to keep in mind when talking to someone with depression. That’s what it means to say no. If you carelessly utter a forbidden phrase, it may worsen the symptoms and is extremely dangerous. There are four types of taboos. First, is denial. Denying the other person’s opinion is not a good feeling for the other person, and for those who are suffering from depression, the symptoms will worsen as they are denied themselves. As I understand it, this is also not recommended. Even if you think you understand, there are many things that you don’t. And support. This is famous. This is because encouragement to do your best is originally encouraging, but in the case of depression, it is interpreted as “it looks like you are not trying hard at all”. And here’s some advice. It may be easy for ordinary people to give advice such as, “I wonder if I should do something like that,” but it is often difficult for people with depression, and it can make their symptoms worse.

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