Separating The Intelligent From The Wise

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Imagine your life lived to the fullest, with no regrets, where you have given it all you’ve got and chased down every dream.

Was it hard to imagine?  Have you stopped believing, given up on yourself, and settled for anything less?  Do you think you have plenty of time to do that later, and later never comes?  As the present moment is all we definitely have, it is by far the most powerful time, and the perfect time for you to act as you are worthy, until you know that you are worthy.  Self-worth is abundant in people who live a worthy life.

You may have heard something along the lines of, what we know is good for us and what we actually do with that knowledge, separates the intelligent from the wise.   Something interesting about people and our behaviours,  is what we’re willing to do about getting what we want, and what we’re willing to miss out on to stay in our comfort zones, even if they aren’t very comfortable at all.

Ultimately what we chose to do, either supports or denies us from living our life to the fullest.  Identifying what stops you from doing what needs to be done, requires an understanding of your belief systems, and how your core beliefs impact your thoughts, feelings and importantly your choices.   With this deeper awareness, only then can you truly chose to keep or let go of those beliefs that no longer serve you.

It is important to delve deeper into your subconscious mind, raising your self-awareness, engaging in the process of letting go and forming beliefs that allow you to live as you want to live.  This is your time to live courageously and give it everything you’ve got.

You are worthy.

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