Sitting Under A Tree

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When was the last time you enjoyed sitting under a tree? Touching the grass, and feeling it on your skin? Allowing yourself to be grounded by nature.

Trees provide us with so much more than oxygen, food, shade, shelter, cubby houses, places to play and be creative, they also provide a place for us to sit and relax, and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings.

The next time you have five minutes free to recharge your tired body and mind, try sitting comfortably under a beautiful tree and acknowledge what you can see, hear, touch and smell right now.  Gently bring your attention to your breath, take slower, deeper breaths in and slower, controlled breaths out. Continue to focus on your breath, and allow any wondering thoughts to drift by as if they’re on a floating cloud, without engaging with them.

As you continue to sit, your mind will want to wonder.  When you catch your mind wondering to other thoughts of what’s been or what hasn’t happened yet, gently bring your mind back to you sitting under the tree and what you can see now.  Then gently bring your focus back to your breath, take slower, deeper breaths in and slower, controlled breaths out.  Relax.

You may close your eyes, if you want to and also smile softly relaxing your jaw and face.   Feel your shoulders relax, your body relax and breath deeply.

The more you practice mindfulness, the better you will become at taking a break from your mind, being free from worry, accepting what is without judgement, connecting to your own inner peace and the richer your life will be.

Experience the benefits for yourself.

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