The Importance Of Sleep

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Sleep And Depression

Depression is exacerbated by lack of sleep. However, when you become depressed, it becomes difficult to get good quality sleep, and you fall into a vicious circle of constant sleep deprivation. Conversely, if the lack of sleep, which is the cause of worsening depression, can be eliminated to some extent, the worsening of symptoms can be suppressed as much as possible. Also, sleep is extremely important for prevention, and if you live a sleep-deprived life, you are more likely to get depressed, so try to get good quality sleep on a regular basis. In the first place, why lack of sleep causes depression is because stress accumulates due to lack of sleep. Sleep is a necessary act to recover from mental and physical fatigue and at the same time to remove stress, and if sleep is insufficient, stress cannot be completely removed. However, since the mental and physical fatigue has been removed, I do not feel much stress, and the stress gradually accumulates, and as a result, I develop depression. Therefore, lack of sleep causes depression.

Therapeutic Sleep

It’s hard to get quality sleep once you’re depressed. This is because melatonin, which has a sleep-inducing effect, is reduced by the onset. A decrease in melatonin can lead to symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep and waking up on short notice. As a result, you will always be sleep deprived. As a solution, it is basic to consult a psychosomatic medicine teacher and have them prescribe an antidepressant that has a sleep-inducing effect. From there, if your symptoms have eased and your lethargy has improved significantly, go outside for a walk in the sun. By doing so, you can secrete melatonin, which has a sleep-inducing effect, and it will be easier to get a good quality sleep.

Sleep For Prevention

Depressive sleep is still relatively easy to obtain. First of all, drink hot milk before going to bed to warm up your body, and try not to look at a computer, TV, or smart phone 30 minutes before going to bed. And you can get a good sleep by stretching and warming up your body before sleeping. Using earplugs and an eye mask can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Also, although it is effective to make your body tired by exercising, if you do vigorous exercise before going to bed, you will wake up, so it is okay to do some exercise such as stretching.

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