What Is The Law Of Attraction? Secret Revealed

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Does it seem like you just can’t seem to catch a break?

For instance, it could be you are unemployed and unable to locate another position.

Maybe you need to lose some weight.

Perhaps your last significant other dumped you for an employed, fitness model look-alike with a fat bank account or you could be living in the converted shed at the back of your parents’ house and sharing living quarters with the family pet.

It can sometimes seem as though everyone else is living a life devoid of worries and problems while you find yourself relegated to the losers’ club. If this is the situation you currently find yourself in, do not despair, it is possible to turn your life around and achieve your dreams.

Using universal principles of success such as the law of attraction, you will be able to dig yourself out of your rut and start living the kind of life you have always dreamed of having.

I know this sounds far fetched but these principles are based on scientific law – so pay attention.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a universal principle, stating that we attract what we desire in our lives through our thoughts. The result of this is that whatever you consistently focus on and think about will acordingly manifest itself.

Positive thinking will yield positive results and negative ones will yield the opposite. Several popular books in the recent past have expounded on this principle and gained widespread popularity.

One of the major points is that every time a thought is processed your brain sends out frequencies that attract frequencies of the same nature in the universe. Therefore, if you focus your thoughts on good things such as a salary raise, a mate, or a new house for example, then it will happen for you.

The following steps will help you put this principle into action so that you can reap the benefits in your own life.

Envision Your Ideal Life

This is perhaps the most important step. You must have a picture in your mind of what constitutes your ideal life in terms of work, wealth, family, health and items essential to your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Imagine yourself living an ideal life in the present and with time, you’ll make your dreams into reality.

Write it Down

It is important to have a written record of your vision and goals for several reasons. To begin with, it helps you to define clearly your goals.

For instance, if you want to lose weight, writing helps you state exactly how much weight you want to lose, how you are going to go about it and the timeline for the project.

Secondly, a written record is good for future reference especially if you want to keep track of the progress on your goals. Finally, writing helps you focus your attention on the strategies and activities that will lead to the achievement of your goals.

Consistently Remind Yourself of Your What You Truly Desire In Life

Everyday, remind yourself about what you are aiming for. Review your written list of goals daily.

Create a vision board with pictures that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in life. Place this board in an easily accessible and visible place.

Ideally it should be in a place where you can view it frequently such as a bedroom wall, a bathroom mirror or refrigerator door.

Be Clear About What You Want

Clarity is one of the most important things you need to work on if you want to manifest a desired result using the law of attraction. Using vague and general terms when describing what you want from life will not yield the right results.

A person might say for example, that he just wants to have enough to get by. This is not enough especially because of the ambiguity of the term “enough” when applied to different people. It is important to include specifics when setting goals.

So instead of saying you want enough to get through the month on, you might say, “I want to earn significant money to buy a house in x neighborhood, drive x model of car, set aside x amount of dollars monthly for my children’s college fund and have x amount of dollars set aside for retirement.” This is where you will begin to see the power of affirmation.

Follow Up Your Thoughts with Action

Positive thinking will give you the momentum to move forward. However, in order for you to see the realization of your goals, you must back every thought up with action.

Want to lose weight? Research viable diet and exercise programs, join a gym, form a weight loss club. Is it your goal to have your own home one day? Find out if you qualify for a mortgage, start working on investments that will provide funds for your down payment, find a better paying job. As a wise person once said, written goals without action are just words on a page.

All said, to make the law of attraction work for you, envision your ideal life, write down your goals, consistently remind yourself of your vision, be clear about what you want and back up your thoughts with action. Practice these steps on a regular basis and you will begin to see the life of your dreams taking shape before your eyes.

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